Laughing Right Out Loud

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why Do I Make the Same Mistake Over and Over?

I guess I am trying to personify Einstein's famous saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. You'd think I would have learned by now, but for some reason I keep going on rides that I have not driven beforehand to get a feel for the road conditions and such.

The first time I did this, I ended up taking a ride that sent me, very quickly down a very steep hill. As fun as that was, it was quickly revealed that what goes down must also go up. That ride occurred during my first week on the bike and truly kicked my tail. Today, I decided I was going to show that same uphill trudge that I was stronger and faster now, so I set out to prove myself. However, this time I didn't want to just do the same 15 mile ride that took me on that route in the first place. Using, I scoped out some other roads that I could add to the route to add a good bit of distance on it.

For the last several days, I have intended to drive my planned route just to get a feel for what to expect once I got back on the bike. I never got around to doing that, but I figured nothing could be worse than that hill I encountered the first time around. Seemed reasonable to me, but I was so very, very wrong. I conquered the old, familiar hill with a vigor that astonished even me. Once I got past it, I was feeling all loosened up and ready to explore some country roads I had not seen.

The unchartered roads presented me with a couple of really aggressive dogs that chased me uphill (I had no advantage over them). Fortunately, I think they felt sorry for me and ultimately called off the chase. Also, I was presented with a much larger hill that I had ridden on before. The worst part of this one, is that it bordered and led up to the county's wastewater treatment plant. As such, every one of my quick deep breaths was filled with the pugent smell of raw sewage. You can not imagine how relieved I was to get past that.

I think I have learned, for good this time around, to drive the route first. Not so much for the hill, but to look out for unleashed dogs and, of course, sewage treatment plants. Come to think of it, I doubt I will ride that route again.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day. I doubt I will do a strenuous ride, but I will get Felicia out for her first 15+ mile ride. She doesn't know it yet.......